European Energy Award

The European Energy Award is a quality management and certification system for municipalities and regions.

The European Energy Award (eea) supports local authorities in establishing interdisciplinary planning approaches and implementing effective energy and climate policy measures.

The success of the eea is based on 4 pillars:

  • Accelerator of national and supranational energy strategies

The eea translates national goals effectively into local policy recommendations. These provide guidance for municipalities in allocating their resources to achieve optimum efficiency in their measures.

  • For municipalities by municipalities

The eea has been continually developed by municipalities and experts on the local level since 1988. Careful consideration of the regional context forms an integral part of the programme.

  • Specific activity programmes

eea municipalities implement customised activity programmes with a long-term view. Action plans are evaluated and adjusted every 4 years with the assistance of accredited experts.

  • International benchmark

Municipalities‘ efforts are assessed with regard to their individual scope of action. This allows a comparison of different municipalities and the establishment of an international benchmark.

published at 23.12.2020