Renewable Energy

In addition to increased energy efficiency in all sectors the renewable energy is of particular importance to meet the climate change. Which energy resource is the most efficient for heating? What can be processed into biogas? How is it used? klimaaktiv answers these and many other questions. The focus is on the optimal and efficient application and use of biomass, solar and ambient heat.

  • Renewable heating

    Biomass, solar or ambient heat - klimaaktiv informs about the use of renewable energy sources.

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  • klimaaktiv heating systems

    Heating systems are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in housing: in Austria, more than 1.6 million heating systems are based on fossil fuels, and about 600,000 systems are over 15 years old. As there are a lot of different types of heating systems on the market, people often do not know which ones are appropriate for their homes and needs.

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  • Efficient biomass district heating

    The future of the supply of heating is in renewables. Wood as a regional energy source can make a key contribution to increasing cost-effectiveness and thus secure the energy supply of municipalities and communities for the long term.

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  • Wood Flows in Austria

    Showing the wood flows in Austria provides an overview of the various forms of usage for different wood assortments, starting from their production to their wide range of application.

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Elisabeth Matt klimaaktiv Management
Austrian Energy Agency