Energy-efficient manufacturing processes

Almost 30 percent of final energy consumption in Austria is attributable to manufacturing. klimaaktiv has therefore developed a comprehensive package of measures for businesses - a significant contribution to reaching the EU target of improving efficiency by 2030.

Such extensive savings targets can only be achieved with a diverse set of measures. In this regard, klimaaktiv focuses on information, consulting and further education and training. Energy efficiency measures that are implemented professionally not only reduce costs but also make a valuable contribution to climate and environmental protection. The considerable potential for savings can be exploited by often inexpensive measures which are easy to implement.

klimaaktiv’s “Energieeffiziente Betriebe” (energy-efficient businesses) programme supports industrial manufacturing businesses as well as commercial businesses in the planning and implementation of energy efficiency measures by

  • developing standards for the energy-efficient use of compressed air, cooling systems, steam, ventilation, pumps, lighting, etc.,
  • training energy consultants in cooperation with the federal states,
  • granting awards for best practice,
  • creating a network of energy consultants, technology suppliers and businesses committed to the cause
  • and entering into agreements with project partners.

Technology standards are the backbone of all activities

Particular emphasis is placed on one area of technology which ism being worked on each year. A technical guideline for this area provides assistance for energy audits and analyses specific measures for improving energy efficiency. klimaaktiv’s website provides all the information on previous areas of technology already covered: this ranges from waste heat recovery to compressed air, from pumps, ventilators, ventilation, steam and cooling systems and IT-infrastructure to lighting, as well as guidelines for measuring energy savings.

Training keeps energy consultants at the cutting edge of technology

The training of in-house energy consultants is another important part of the programme. Training focuses on basic training with the central “ProTool” analysis tool. In addition, targeted training in the various technologies outlined above is also on offer. Over 700 energy consultants have – sometimes repeatedly – made use of this offering. They are supporting businesses throughout Austria in their analysis of energy consumption, the execution of measures and the implementation of energy management. These consultations are being subsidised by the Austrian federal states. With their special expertise and their products, klimaaktiv’s partners contribute by increasing energy efficiency expertise which is geared to practice. klimaaktiv disseminates this knowledge via its consultants network.

Not only does klimaaktiv focus on specific areas of technology, but it also, in cooperation with its partners and energy consultants, analyses selected trade sectors in relation to their energy efficiency potential. Structural and economic information from individual trade sectors is dealt with, as well as the respective energy industry perspective. The trade sector concept provides answers, inter alia, to metal construction, dry cleaning, bakery, hair-dressing, motor vehicle and joinery businesses for the following questions: Where is the potential for savings? How efficient is the operation? How can the business be made more efficient?

Becoming even more efficient

Precise analysis can still identify further opportunities to lower energy consumption. This is demonstrated by the example of Getzner Textil in Bludenz (Vorarlberg). The company produces fashion fabrics and damasks. For decades now, energy efficiency has been a high priority. Heat is recovered from the technical processes and fed into the district heating network; the buildings have been subject to thermal renovations. In a second step, the compressed air system was analysed. It must be 100 percent secure 365 days a year and uses approximately 5.5 GWh of electricity annually. Although this system was already advanced, it was still possible to further optimise it with klimaaktiv’s expertise. The effect: the compressed-air plant’s electricity consumption was reduced by a quarter.
Interested companies can find this and over 300 further implementation measures on the klimaaktiv website as examples of improvements in energy efficiency in operational processes.

published at 03.02.2021

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