Energy-efficient manufacturing processes

Businesses that opt for professional energy management schemes will now gain a significant competitive advantage in the medium and long term.

If companies take carefully planned steps to improve energy efficiency today, they not only gain an ecological advantage and show their commitment to climate protection, but also stay ahead in the marketplace.

The “energy-efficient businesses” programme run by klimaaktiv supports manufacturing industry and commercial operations in planning and carrying out energy efficiency improvements.

Fully trained by klimaaktiv, the energy consultants provide support for businesses seeking to implement professional energy management schemes and therefore adopt new economic and ecological policies. The programme is working on developing standards for audits and training in the field of energy management and selected technology systems.

In addition, klimaaktiv also publishes detailed guides to technologies used in various compressed air, pump, fan, ventilation, steam and cooling systems, IT infrastructure and lighting. The guides provide assistance for energy audits and cover the specific action required to improve energy efficiency.

Energy management schemes save you money

Another important part of the programme is training energy consultants and experts. Practical courses teach them to provide advisory services focusing on specific technologies. This therefore enables them to advise businesses on rolling out energy management systems, identifying potential savings and making improvements in energy efficiency. The energy consultants support companies on site during the entire process: from analysing energy consumption and identifying savings potential to developing a specific action plan.

Furthermore, the contacts responsible for the regional energy efficiency programmes in the Austrian federal states provide businesses information on available subsidies.

klimaaktiv industry comparison

In addition to industry and technology-specific information, klimaaktiv also provides companies with tools showing the processes involved in controlling energy consumption in figures and therefore making them clearer. Industry concepts analyse the savings potential across different sectors and indicate where improvements can be made in energy efficiency for the entire industry.

Benchmark projects already completed are published online and provide an insight into the wide-ranging options available for saving energy.

Training for energy experts

The klimaaktiv training programme for energy experts is divided into two parts:

The basic training course where the prospective experts learn how to use the klimaaktiv tool is one of the requirements for being listed as a klimaaktiv consultant and therefore for using the klimaaktiv logo.

Special training courses are also held in the areas of compressed air, pumps, fans and ventilation, steam, cooling, lighting and waste heat utilisation.

Completing the basic training course is one of the prerequisites before experts can start using the klimaaktiv logo.

published at 19.12.2017

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