Wood Flows in Austria

Showing the wood flows in Austria provides an overview of the various forms of usage for different wood assortments, starting from their production to their wide range of application.

The Austrian forests provide large amounts of wood resources, which are used by the paper-, sawmill-,  particle board-, and wood processing industry as well as for generating energy by other consumers.

The graphic “Wood Flows in Austria” clearly illustrates the pathway of the commodity wood in the Austrian market. The graphic shows the mass flows of the different wood assortments, starting from the production (logging, import and other) and the various possibilities of processing (sawmills and other) to the manifold purposes of use (material and energetic).

In order to create this diagram data from the entire value chain of wood from various sources were used.

The additional graphic “Wood Flows in Austria – Energy Production” is the continuation of the main graphic and shows the different paths of energy use for the wood assortments.   

published at 03.05.2019