Mobility management for children, parents and schools

In total, almost 74,000 children and young people as well as 5,000 pedagogues in Austria have so far been included in the klimaaktiv mobil programme "Mobility Management for Childred, Parents and School" which aims to make the ways to school and the school environment child-friendly.

The programme “Mobility management for children, parents and schools” was launched in 2005 as a part of the Austrian climate protection initiative klimaaktiv mobil. About 400 educational institutions across Austria are engaged in child-friendly and climate-friendly mobility. In all schools and kindergartens, mobility surveys and an environmental analysis are conducted in cooperation with the children concerned. Round 1,000,000 car trips and more than 750 tonnes of CO2 have been saved since the start of the programme in 2005.

The main aspects of the implementation of the programme are

  • Safety, taking into account the development of kids and teenagers
  • Positive health effects through increased physical activity
  • Involvement of children in the development of measures
  • Promotion of social learning on the way to and from school or kindergarten and, last but not least,
  • Climate protection

In each project, the participating educational institution forms a mobility team (teachers, children, parents) with the support of a mobility advisor. In all schools and kindergartens, mobility surveys and an environmental analysis are executed in cooperation with the children and young people concerned. The respective project results feed into the further work of the educational institutions and are passed on to relevant partners, such as municipalities, transport companies, etc.

Due to the long experience of the programme, a wide range of different measures have been established. Proven action packages can be transferred/adapted to other regions and countries to fill local gaps. In a guide, the experiences from these schools and kindergartens are made available. It contains 30 of the most popular action tips for educational institutions.

With the programme “Mobility Management for children, parents and schools”, Austria contributes to the WHO Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) and the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (The PEP). Thus, the programme was awarded with the CEHAPE NGO Best Practice Award.

Guidelines and regulations for child-friendly planning

Greater consideration of the needs of children also requires a rethinking of transport planning.

As a basis for child-friendly traffic planning the RVS (guidelines and regulations for the road system) “Child-friendly mobility – RVS 03.04.13” extends the RVS “Design of the school environment”.

Additionally, a special guideline relating to child-friendly mobility gives specific ideas and background knowledge to planners and communities.

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published at 03.05.2021