klimaaktiv mobil - the National Action Programme for Mobility Management

Austrian Action Programme for Mobility Management to reduce CO2 emissions, to promote environmentally friendly and energy efficient mobility and to stimulate new innovative business opportunities and green jobs.

The Paris climate act has entered into force on 4 November 2016. Especially in the transport area we need concerted efforts towards attaining a green mobility transition, not least in Austria as Umweltbundesamt data show: 45% of Austrian Non-ETS GHG (Non-Emission Trading Scheme Greenhouse Gas Emissions) and 32% of energy use are caused by transport which depends on fossil fuels over more than 90%.

Future transport needs a decoupling of fossil energy usage and a mobility transition towards an environmentally friendly, sustainable and efficient transport system

  • with the least possible emissions
  • with less dependence on fossil fuel imports through decarbonisation
  • with renewable energies and higher energy efficiency.

This mobility transition will be essential to achieve the 2020 climate goals, the new 2030 climate and energy targets and the long-term future outlook for 2050. Until 2020 Austria has to reduce its GHG by 16% and until 2030 by 36% compared to 2005. For decarbonisation, GHG reductions in transport up to 80% (compared to 1990) will be necessary until 2050, following up the EU Roadmap for a low-carbon economy and the EU White Paper on Transport. Thus transport will have to achieve considerable contributions to fulfil energy and climate targets. Deciding both on long term technological development objectives and investments is as important as implementing measures today.

To promote an environmentally friendly mobility transition, the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT) already takes necessary measures now: strategic plans like the Masterplans for Cycling and Walking, the joint action programme of the Environment and Transport ministries to support electric mobility, and the financial support scheme of the klimaaktiv mobil programme embedded in the broader climate protection initiative klimaaktiv.

The klimaaktiv mobil programme provides financial support to Austrian businesses, fleet operators, and property developers as well as towns and cities, municipalities and regions, and relevant actors in tourism, school and youth initiatives. This programme promotes an environmentally friendly mobility transition towards electric mobility, cycling, intelligent mobility management and innovative mobility services. The portfolio of klimaaktiv mobil includes the financial support programme, consulting and awareness-raising programmes, partnerships as well as training and certification initiatives.

The successful outcomes of klimaaktiv mobil:

  • 8,400 climate-friendly mobility projects initiated / implemented by around 6,400 businesses, 900 cities, municipalities and regions, 800 tourism and leisure organisations and 300 schools
  • annual savings: 640,000 tonnes of CO2
  • financial support for mobility projects amounting to Euro 88.9 million, from the funds of BMLFUW via klimaaktiv mobil, the Climate and Energy Fund and the Austrian environmental support scheme, including 1.4 million euros from EU funds (EAFRD), having triggered an investment volume of Euro 510 million.
  • around 6,000 so-called green jobs secured or created
  • financial support for around 20,200 alternative vehicles, including 17,900 electric vehicles
  • financial support for around 200 cycling projects, including the promotion of cycling in the federal states and in cities
  • training of 1,700 klimaaktiv mobil competence partners, such as EcoDriving trainers, bicycle technicians, youth mobility coaches, and certification of 30 klimaaktiv mobil driving schools
  • know-how support for 60,000 children and 3,500 teachers in 300 schools and, thus, 800,000 car trips saved
  • some 100 youth mobility projects mobility projects implemented with more than 15,000 young people involved

klimaaktiv mobil portfolio

klimaaktiv mobil funding programme

klimaaktiv mobil offers financial support for Austria’s cities, municipalities, businesses, associations and, for the first time, also private persons in the framework of the common BMNT-BMVIT action package for e-mobility with renewable energy. In addition to e-vehicles, klimaaktiv mobil further supports mobility management and alternative fuels and drives, such as biofuels.

EU co-financing EAFRD

The Austrian Rural Development Programme 2014- 2020 provides co-financing of klimaaktiv mobil projects through EU funding (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and stimulates green mobility in rural areas, aligning this approach also with the new „Masterplan Rural Areas“ of BMNT.

klimaaktiv mobil target-group-oriented consulting programmes

Four target-group-oriented consulting programmes offer free-of-charge expert advice on green mobility management for:

  • businesses, real estate developers and fleet operators: Funding bonus for extensive corporate mobility projects, e.g. combining fleet changes with CO2-saving logistics and public transport tickets for employees as well as company collaborations, such as industry solutions or business parks.  
  • cities, municipalities and regions: Funding bonus for extensive municipality- and region-led mobility measures and cooperating municipalities as well as special funding for Climate and Energy Model Regions.
  • tourism, leisure and youth: Funding bonus to incentivise regional mobility projects led by tourism associations and the cooperation between several tourism resorts as well as extensive leisure mobility.
  • children, parents and schools: klimaaktiv mobil offers special funding initiatives for eco-friendly youth mobility and mobility projects by schools, kindergartens and parent associations.

Beside the four consulting programmes and funding areas klimaaktiv mobil also provides:

EcoDriving Initiative

The EcoDriving initiative in cooperation with the driving schools’ association of the Austrian Economic Chamber and the Austrian car clubs ÖAMTC and ARBÖ offer practical eco-driving trainings for car, truck, bus and tractor fleet operators. A special focus of klimaaktiv mobil is set on the promotion of active mobility like cycling and walking. Guidelines for children-friendly mobility have been developed jointly with the Austrian Society Research on Road, Rail and Traffic. Youth participation in the European Environment and Health Process and in the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) has been integrated in the Austrian National Youth Council. BMNT has been the first ministry in Austria to establish a mobility management system and a company travel plan.

Promotion of cycling

To implement the national cycling strategy "Masterplan Cycling 2015-2025" investments in cycling infrastructure, rental systems and awareness raising are supported, especially the cycling programmes of the Austrian Laender/provinces, cities and municipalities. In addition, cargo bikes and bicycle parking facilities are supported as well. The federal states Salzburg and Vorarlberg offer add-ons via their regional support programmes.

klimaaktiv mobil awareness-raising programme

klimaaktiv mobil motivates to switch to sustainable transport modes and supports campaigns like "Österreich Radelt zur Arbeit“ and “Kindermeilen“. Organising klimaaktiv mobil conferences, awarding klimaaktiv mobil partner as well as supporting events, such as El-Motion (on e-mobility), the national bicycle summit, and the walking summit „walk&space“, are means to stimulate the exchange of know-how.

klimaaktiv mobil training and certification

This pillar of the initiative focuses on qualifying eco-driving trainers and certifying klimaaktiv mobil driving schools. Other training schemes include the bicycle mechanics training (in cooperation with the Austrian Institute for Economic Promotion WIFI), the training programme of the Cycling Academy, and the course for youth mobility coaches (in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Families and Youth FMFY and the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy).

klimaaktiv mobil partnerships

Partnerships with the Austrian Economic Chamber, the Institute for Economic Promotion, the Associations of Cities and Municipalities, the Laender, numerous cities, municipalities and businesses are pillars of klimaaktiv mobil. The joint action package on e-mobility strengthens the cooperation between BMNT and the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, automobile and two-wheeler importers, and sports retailers. Businesses, cities, municipalities, associations and schools reducing CO2-emissions through their mobility projects are awarded as klimaaktiv mobil project partners and pioneers of the mobility transition by the Federal Minister of Environment.

International partnerships

klimaaktiv mobil is Austria’s contribution and active part in international programmes like the Transport Health Environment Pan European Program THE PEP of UNECE and WHO and der EU Platform on Mobility Management EPOMM.

published at 06.05.2019