klimaaktiv mobil - the National Action Programme for Mobility Management

Austrian Action Programme for Mobility Management to reduce CO2 emissions, to promote environmentally friendly and energy efficient mobility and to stimulate new innovative business opportunities and green jobs.

klimaaktiv mobil - National Programme to promote Mobility Management

klimaaktiv mobil is undertaken by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management and supported by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns and the Austrian Association of Municipalities as part of the implementation of the Austrian Climate Strategy and the EU Climate and Energy Package.

klimaaktiv mobil provides a national framework to motivate and support companies and public services, cities, municipalities and regions, leisure and tourism operators, construction companies and real estate evelopers, schools and youth groups to develop and implement measures to reduce CO2 emissions from related transport activities.

klimaaktiv mobil supports measures focusing on mobility management, including alternative vehicles and renewable energy, intelligent multimodal mobility, ecodriving, cycling, walking, demand-oriented public transport and awareness raising.


Building on partnerships

klimaaktiv mobil builds on partnerships and is designed as national framework to move the relevant players in transport towards climate friendly mobility in order to reduce CO2-emissions, to promote renewable energy and stimulate the economy and green jobs.

Please visit the klimaaktiv mobil project partners on klimaaktivmobil.at/maps/!


klimaaktiv mobil - 5 offers of support

Consulting – for climate friendly mobility

The relevant transport actors are motivated and supported to develop and implement environmentally friendly mobility management by five tailormade programmes:

• Mobility Management for cities, municipalities and regions
• Mobility Management for companies, fleet operators and real estate developers

• Mobility Management for leisure, tourism and youth
• Mobility Management for children, parents and schools
• Eco-Driving Initiative for fleet operators
These programmes offer technical consulting free of charge and advice to apply for the funding scheme.

Funding - transport projects to reduce CO2

klimaaktiv mobil also offers financial support to companies, provinces, cities and municipalities, leisure, tourism operators and other institutions with a focus on alternative vehicles, investments in improving cycling and for mobility management like mobility centers, demand oriented busses and awareness raising.


Motivation - for cycling, eco-driving, clean vehicles

The klimaaktiv mobil awareness and information campaigns inform the media as well as and citizens about the benefits of climate friendly mobility like cycling and public transport, a fuel saving eco-driving, alternative vehicles and renewable energy motivating to environmentally friendlier and healthier mobility.


Education and certification – for upgrading practitioners

Education and certification for practitioners is a key element ofklimaaktiv mobil, e.g. upgrading of driving teachers to certified eco-driving trainers.

Awards – for commitment to climate protection
Projects committed to CO2 reduction are awarded as klimaaktive mobil partners by the Minister of Environment for their exemplary work regarding the reduction of CO2 in transport.

Lessons learned and successful results

The klimaaktiv mobil programme stimulates the environment and the economy! It enables companies and municipalities to reduce emissions and to allocate benefits as well as to save costs. Financial support of 1 million € induces investments up to 6-10 million €  thus securing and creating green jobs. Furthermore health benefits are achieved promoting physical active mobility by walking and cycling!

Since 2007 klimaaktiv mobil has achieved successful results (as of 2016):

  • 8,400 green mobility projects have been initiated and implemented by approx.
    • 6,400 businesses,
    • 900 cities, municipalities and regions,
    • 800 tourism associationsand
    • 300 schools.
  • Total annual savings: 640,000 tonnes of CO2
  • Financial support in the amount of EUR 87.5 million for mobility projects has triggered overall investments of over EUR 510 million.
  • About 6,000 green jobs have been created or secured.
  • Approximately 20,200 alternative vehicles, among them 17,900 e-vehicles, have been funded with EUR 29.6 million, thereof
    • 17,900 electric vehicles (e.g.12,000 e-bicycles, 500 e-mopeds and motorbikes, 4,200 e-cars)
    • 1,380 charging points for e-mobility with EUR 0,8 million
  • More than 200 cycling projects have been financially supported, among them the expansion of cycling infrastructure in all Austrian provinces and major cities.
  • 1,520 EcoDriving instructors have been trained and 30 klimaaktiv mobil driving schools certified.

For a complete overview of all klimaaktiv mobil project partners and their projects around Austria see www.klimaaktivmobil.at/maps (in German only).

klimaaktiv mobil was nominated as one of the five top nominees of the European Public Service Award 2009 (EPSA) and awarded as European Best Practice.

published at 02.05.2017