klimaaktiv partner network

klimaaktiv was set up to facilitate cooperation among companies. Its most valuable asset is its extensive network of partner institutions.

With this approach, klimaaktiv has had a significant, noticeable impact on raising awareness and on market trends, and has achieved one of its core goals: companies have now discovered climate protection as a success factor and are willing to cooperate with klimaaktiv on a broad range of issues. The initiative has developed into a national competence network that provides advice on all matters pertaining to energy and the environment. klimaaktiv is also closely involved in other national and municipality programmes, strengthening and enhancing their effectiveness.

Competence network

Rapid technological developments and changes in market conditions demand well-trained professional tradesmen. Change happens so quickly that basic training in the energy and building sector can no longer be relied upon to cover a whole professional lifetime. Highly qualified experts are key to being successful in transforming the market and encouraging the adoption of climate-friendly technologies.
klimaaktiv fills the gap in the range of training on offer and incorporates the latest expertise into its training courses. It also develops new courses together with leading further education institutions.
All professionals (installers, architects, planners, etc.) who complete klimaaktiv’s advanced training course in accordance with specific quality criteria (minimum of 4 days advanced training, final exam and/or project implemented) may call themselves “klimaaktiv competence partners” and use the klimaaktiv logo. They are listed on a klimaaktiv online map where they can be easily located by customers.

Support network

klimaaktiv cooperates with different types of organisations and initiatives, federal state public institutions, regions and municipalities, companies, associations and private individuals. The type of collaboration depends on the partner’s individual potential and the activities they are involved in. Companies and organisations qualify as klimaaktiv partners by engaging in exceptional activities in one or more of the following three areas:

1. Enhancing climate protection expertise

Knowledge-sharing among highly competent partners helps to create optimum quality standards. klimaaktiv quality criteria and guidelines provide guidance for consumers. These standards, as well as the currently available expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, are continually being developed through collaboration with leading technology and service companies. As experts in their respective fields, these partners are actively involved in this process. They help to ensure that standards are in line with market requirements and that they are as easy as possible to apply.

2. Highlighting climate protection

By incorporating klimaaktiv standards into their business activities, klimaaktiv partners ensure that energy-efficient products and processes become established in the market. From klimaaktiv buildings to the planning of heating systems, the use of renewable energy sources to mobility management - the fact that partners are applying klimaaktiv standards guarantees optimum energy efficiency, provides a sign post for customers and changes the market in the long term. By using the klimaaktiv partner logo, these partners act as promoters of the climate protection initiative, thereby making a major contribution to spreading the message about the range of what klimaaktiv has to offer as well as its standards.

3. Creating examples of best practise
By completing exceptional climate protection projects, klimaaktiv partners function as inspirational role models for other companies and organisations. The implementation of measures which are subject to quality assurance demonstrates the possibilities for and the potential of climate protection and motivates others to follow suit.

Implementation network

klimaaktiv has prominence where climate protection measures are being implemented: in the area of mobility, there are thousands of businesses, schools and associations that have introduced specific projects (such as e.g. mobility management), converted their vehicle fleet or implemented e-mobility projects. Equally, many building contractors are now announcing that their buildings comply with the klimaaktiv standard. The e5 programme is assisting municipalities with integrating energy transition into their municipal policy. The performance of biomass heating plants is being improved with the help of klimaaktiv. Project partners demonstrate this with the klimaaktiv logo. The effort to protect the climate therefore gets the necessary attention, reaches the Austrian public and in turn creates involvement and commitment.

published at 23.12.2020