klimaaktiv works on five levels

The initiative has developed a fine-tuned activity cycle. The five spheres of influence in the transition cycle initiate a positive feedback process and support all players in tackling the energy transition.

klimaaktiv improves green skills

klimaaktiv coordinates training and education in various subjects and safeguards the high standard of qualifications needed by professionals. The main focus is on advanced vocational training. Pilot training courses and seminars are designed and brought to the training market in cooperation with universities, technical colleges and the educational service of the chamber of commerce. klimaaktiv is making a contribution to the innovative management of advanced vocational training in the fields of renewables, energy efficiency and mobility.

klimaaktiv’s competence partners – plumbers, biomass plant owners, planners, chimney sweeps, architects, master builders, energy consultants, ecodrive instructors and mobility managers – all benefit from high quality training and from improving their knowledge of quality standards.

klimaaktiv provides direction

In dynamic as well as innovative markets, reliable quality standards are often lacking. To stabilise and support innovative markets, the use of quality standards is important for building up trust between the supply and the demand side of the economy.
Therefore, klimaaktiv focuses on safeguarding quality by

  • introducing quality standards for products and services, e.g. klimaaktiv building standard
  • introducing quality management systems, e.g. for biomass district heating systems
  • empowering consumers to check the quality of services, e.g. with the help of checklists
  • providing handbooks and quality tools for professionals
  • providing support and advice for planners, e.g. planning audits for complex solar thermal systems

klimaaktiv provides information

klimaaktiv provides independent information to relevant players and demonstrates the direct benefits to consumers of climate protection measures and products. The information material generally avoids moralising as well as “teaching” and aims to provide practical, relevant information. In 2017, 39 percent of Austrians, and especially people who are young and well-educated, recognised the brand and the positive qualities associated with it: cost-effectiveness, positive image, being modern, dynamism and being ecologically sound. klimaaktiv provides online information platforms to empower consumers, companies and professionals to take action in their context. klimaaktiv attends about 1,500 event days every year; this is made possible because of the broad network which reaches right across Austria.

klimaaktiv provides advice and support

The main target groups for klimaaktiv’s advisory activities are companies, municipalities and public administrations, as well as schools, young people and the leisure and tourism sector. klimaaktiv offers expert consulting and technical support to increase manufacturing process efficiency, refurbish buildings, introduce mobility management or redirect procurement to energy-efficient appliances and IT systems. klimaaktiv facilitates the empowerment of existing consultant structures in Austria by providing new support tools, setting up benchmarking systems for energy efficiency and, above all, by training consultants in various subjects.

klimaaktiv stakeholder and business partner network

Successful climate protection needs drive and commitment from several existing initiatives and networks, as well as from federal states, municipalities and companies. klimaaktiv provides a platform for cooperation between these partners. On the one hand, cooperating with stakeholders and business partners enhances klimaaktiv’s expertise and increases its sphere of involvement. On the other hand, partners benefit from growing markets, the innovative expertise provided and the klimaaktiv brand.


The impact of the programme is substantially enhanced because it is well integrated with various grant funding schemes. klimaaktiv standards are part of the terms and conditions for funding.

published at 23.12.2020