State Award for Architecture and Sustainability

Advertised for the fifth time since 2006, the State Award for Architecture and Sustainability is among the most important awards in both fields.

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainiability and Tourism has for years now promoted the accelerated market penetration of sustainable building technologies by means of the climate protection initiative klimaaktiv and funding activities. With the State Award for Architecture and Sustainability – the Republic of Austria’s highest award for sustainable construction – the Ministry honours outstanding architectural projects, encourages innovators to go on developing, and motivates others to imitate them.

The building sector is one of the key areas as regards achieving this climate goal, as space heating and cooling, and supplying hot water, consume energy on a large scale. The quality of the buildings which we erect or renovate today makes a dramatic difference to tomorrow’s greenhouse gas emissions, so constructing and renovating buildings to the highest possible standard is urgently necessary. The quality of architecture and the care of our architectural heritage are part and parcel of improving and maintaining the Austrian culture of building.

The international jury is made up of architects and experts on energyefficient and ecological construction in equal proportions. They assess the projects submitted comprehensively by aesthetic, functional, ecological, urban planning, social and economic criteria in a multi-stage process. The klimaaktiv building standard has established itself as an instrument for assessing sustainability.

published at 30.06.2020